Technical description Timocco® is a software consisting of 54 interactive games configured on different levels. The user is engaged in the game by doing specific hand movements in front of a webcam. It can track student’s activity. The software price is $375/yr and includes 55 games and tracking for 10 children.

Science foundation claims Timocco is a game designed to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills. Games are designed to motivate kids to develop their skills through fun exercises.

Protocol of Use Timocco is a downloadable software (PC/MAC) delivered via email. You need a webcam and download a tracking app. You can buy the equipment with home access for students. A professional version Timocco is available. The software price is $375/yr for the year and includes 55 games and results tracking for 10 kids.


Professional Equipment Timocco is downloadable software (PC/MAC) delivered via email. You need a webcam and to download a tracking app. The price is USD 375.

End-users Equipment No.

Certification training

Training for Professionals There is no formal training.

Online Training No.

Number of Professional certification levels No.

About the company

Company's founder and date: Timocco wasdeveloped by Sarit Tresser in 2009.

Number of Practitioners: No.

Main Area: USA

526 South Main St.
Suite 709A
Akron, OH 44311

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