Technical description Timocco® is a software consisting of 54 interactive games configured on different levels. The user is engaged in the game by doing specific hand movements in front of a webcam. It can track student’s activity. The software price is $375/yr and includes 55 games and tracking for 10 children.

Science foundation claims Timocco is a game designed to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills. Games are designed to motivate kids to develop their skills through fun exercises.

How can you use Soundsory as a complement to this program? Timocco can be easily used with the Soundsory program which is a therapy program combining music and body movement exercises. The Soundsory program is being used by individuals with motor issues, hand-eye coordination difficulties, and cognitive issues.

The program lasts for 40 days and each session comprising of rhythmic music listening and exercises lasts for 30 minutes each.

Learn more about Soundsory here.

Protocol of Use Timocco is a downloadable software (PC/MAC) delivered via email. You need a webcam and download a tracking app. You can buy the equipment with home access for students. A professional version Timocco is available. The software price is $375/yr for the year and includes 55 games and results tracking for 10 kids.


Professional Equipment Timocco is downloadable software (PC/MAC) delivered via email. You need a webcam and to download a tracking app. The price is USD 375.

End-users Equipment No.

Certification training

Training for Professionals There is no formal training.

Online Training No.

Number of Professional certification levels No.

About the company

Company’s founder and date: Timocco wasdeveloped by Sarit Tresser in 2009.

Number of Practitioners: No.

Main Area: USA

526 South Main St.
Suite 709A
Akron, OH 44311

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