How to use Soundsory® as a Parent

Whether your child has difficulties, whether he/she is young or a teenager, you might be thinking that following 40 days might be a real challenge not only for them but also for you. Here are some tips that can help.

We understand that the program can be time demanding for your child. When it’s possible, help them understand the purpose for doing the program. Explain the positive changes that will occur. Keep in mind that motivation is part of the success for any program! Don’t force your child instead find ways to let him/her accept and enjoy the program. Positive reinforcement can always be beneficial as well as the use of visual calendars or schedules. It is important to adapt the explanation to the age and understanding of your child. Her are some helpful tips:

Introducing the technology to your child

Bone conduction is very intriguing. You can explain how your “bones” can listen. Let them experience the bone conduction and explain that it is “directly connect to the brain” and it bypasses some parts of the ear :

  • Invite them to plug his/her ears and speak out loud; to feel their voice in their head
  • Invite them to put one hand on the top of their head, close their mouth and say mmmmmm. They will feel the vibration in their head.
  • While holding SOUNDSORY® in their hand, put the volume at the maximum and ask him/her to touch the bone conductor on the top of the band with their fingers to feel the vibration

Dynamic filtering is very surprising. You can also attract his/her attention to the dynamic filter by asking him/her to warn you every time he/she notices sound contrasts, even if they are subtle. You can explain that the brain is very sensitive to those sudden changes and it is a way to capture attention. Like when someone snaps their fingers to catch your attention. The dynamic filter is catching the brains attention.

Music is varied and catchy. There are a lot of varieties of music in the program. Have your child try and recognize what style of music each refers to if they can. If not have then try and move or dance according to the style of music.

Introducing sessions

SOUNDSORY® can be used by the whole family. It is always good to show that Mom or Dad use SOUNDSORY® too. This might pique his interest and make him feel more comfortable with using it. It is also be a good opportunity to share something particular with your child. Show them that they are not the only ones that may be facing difficulties. That everyone can benefit from the program!

You should also organize the session at the same time of the day which helps to create good listening habits.

If after all the cool explanations he still doesn’t want to use SOUNDSORY® just “because”, here is the ultimate advice: Show them how they can activate the Bluetooth mode and directly connect the headphones to it to your phone. Let him then listen to some of his favorite songs with his new cool wireless headphones! Once he sees that, it’s a great bargaining tool! First you listen to SOUNDSORY® then we can listen to one of your songs!

During sessions

SOUNDSORY® is a great opportunity to play with your child. Try doing some activities they really enjoy; painting, drawing, playing games, lego building. It’s a way to share a pleasant moment with your child in a world that is very busy and always moving.