Soundsory is a 40 day program divided into two blocks of 20 days each with a recommended 3 week break in between each 20 day session.  Each day consists of 30 minutes of music listening with an optional exercise program. We recommend:

session a day

a day, all at once

5 to 7
days a week

With any training program, time and repetition are important.  We recommend following the suggested protocol to get the most out of the program.  Don’t forget to do a 3 week break between the 20-day listening blocks and don’t do the listening session more than once in a day.  Remember: more is not always necessarily better!

How and when to watch the body movement exercises

  • You have access here to a suggestion of 3 to 4 exercises per day that we encourage you to do whilst listening to the music. You should watch them all once before starting your session, and then do them as many times as you can during the first 25 mns. Please note that it is important that you move your body, be it using our suggested exercises, following adapted exercises suggested by a therapist, or simply improvising your own exercises or dancing to the music, for as long as you can during 25 mns. Take the least 5 minutes to simply listen and relax.

Need to restart the program after a break of several days?

  • Breaks here and there are ok!  Life is busy, sometimes unexpected things happen!  If you miss a day or take a break for a day just continue where you left off
  • If you have started the program and stopped for 2-3 days just continue where you left off.
  • If you have taken more than a week break, we recommend that you start the program again.

Need to restart a daily session?

  • If your listening session is interrupted for any reason we recommend restarting where you left off.
  • If you are not sure where you have stopped or left off we recommend stopping for the day and starting again the following day with the following days program.

Have mixed up some days?

  • If you have mixed up some daily sessions, just replace the one you have done by the one you have not done. For example, if you did day 3 and were supposed to do day 2, just do day 2 the following day.

Need to adapt?

Regarding the listening part of the program

  • If you are auditory sensitive, begin with shorter sessions and increase them gradually as the sensitivity decreases.
  • If you really cannot tolerate one of the songs move on to the next track.

Regarding the body-movement part of the program

  • We realize that not everyone will be able to follow all of the exercises exactly as demonstrated.  The most important thing is to keep the headphones on and move.
  • If you find the exercises are too easy, do them faster or try and increase the number of repetitions.
  • If you find them a bit too challenging, we ask that you try your best!  Don’t give up!!
  • If you are mentoring someone else who has severe difficulties, support him/her as much as you can, modify the exercises as appropriate or add your own movement ideas.
  • If you really are struggling remember moving some part of your body even if just for a few minutes is better than not moving at all.  Some of the exercises can be easily adapted to your needs and abilities.