Play Attention logo[label text=” Technical description” ][/label] Play Attention is brain training software in which the user controls computerized characters, via an armband that provides brainwave feedback. [label text=” Science foundation claims” ][/label] It is possible to monitor brain frequency activity thanks to a sensor placed on the arm. By providing immediate auditory and visual feedback regarding the level of attention during each exercise, we can help the user to maintain attention. [label text=” Protocol of Use” ][/label] It is recommended to practice 40 hours with a minimum of 1 hour a week. [gap height=”30px”][/gap] [title title=”Equipment” subtitle=”” align=”left” container=”yes”][/title] [label text=”Professional Equipment” icon=” ” ][/label] The Professional version is a licensed software package and a bodyWaves Arm Band with an unlimited user license. The cost is USD 2,500. [label text=”End-users Equipment” ][/label] The home version is software with 2 user license and a bodyWaves Arm Band. The costs is USD 1,795. [label text=”Home based program” ][/label] Available. [title title=”Certification Training” subtitle=”” align=”left” container=”yes”][/title] [label text=”Training for Professionals” icon=”” ][/label] No formal training. You can learn to integrate into your practice within 2 hours. [label text=”Online Training” icon=”” ][/label] No. [label text=”Number of Professional certification levels” icon=”” ][/label] No. [gap height=”30px”][/gap] [column md=”12″][alert text=”Company’s founder and date : Unique Logic and Technology (UL&T), was founded in 1994 by Peter Freer” border_color=”#10C9E5″ bg_color=”” font_color=”#333333″ icon=”male” closeable=”no” close_icon_color=”” close_icon_color_hvr=””][/alert][/column] [gap height=”1px”][/gap] [column md=”6″][alert text=”Number of Practitioners : 400″ border_color=”#10C9E5″ bg_color=”” font_color=”#333333″ icon=”search-plus” closeable=”no” close_icon_color=”” close_icon_color_hvr=””][/alert][/column][column md=”6″][alert text=”Main Area: USA” border_color=”#10C9E5″ bg_color=”” font_color=”#333333″ icon=”map-marker” closeable=”no” close_icon_color=”” close_icon_color_hvr=””][/alert][/column] [column md=”3″][/column][column md=”6″][alert text=”Location : PO Box 2147 Skyland NC 28776 United States” text_align=”center” border_color=”#fff” bg_color=”” font_color=”#333333″ icon=”home” closeable=”no” close_icon_color=”” close_icon_color_hvr=””][/alert][/column][column md=”3″][/column] [gap height=”30px”][/gap] [column md=”12″] [button text=”” link=”” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#ffffff” bg_color_hvr=”#10C9E5″ border_radius=”5px” border_width=”” border_color=”#10C9E5″ border_color_hvr=”#ffffff” icon=”external-link” font_color=”#333333″ font_color_hvr=”#ffffff” size=”large” align=”center” btn_width=”full” inline=”no” margin=””][/button][/column] [gap height=”10px”][/gap]
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