Fast Forword

Technical description Fast Forword® is a brain training software consisting of 50 exercises categorized by language, literacy and reading tasks. The exercises combine auditory, reading and comprehension tasks. They are designed to be entertaining for children. Results can be tracked.

Science foundation claims By working on cognitive skills using specific learning principles — intensity, simultaneous development, timely motivation — you can improve language and reading.

Protocol of Use The recommendation is to practice 5 days a week for 30 minutes over 12 – 16 weeks. The cost is USD 700 per student.

How can you use Soundsory as a complement to this program? Similar to Fast Forword, the Soundsory program is a brain training program that stimulates the vestibular and auditory systems of the body and is helping individuals with cognitive development issues.

It is a 40-day program of daily 30 minutes of music listening with exercises. The program is divided into two sessions of 20 days each.

Learn more about Soundsory here.


Professional Equipment Online Software. You need a headset as well.

End-users Equipment Online access through the professional equipment (license for users), otherwise parent can download the BrainPro version for consumers.

Home based program Available.

Certification training

Training for Professionals Free online training for professionals which lasts 75 minutes. Free access for professionals but one access is USD 700 per student.

Online Training Free online workshop

Number of Professional certification levels 1.

About the company

Company’s founder and date: Fast forword was invented by Bill Jenkins in 1970.

Number of Practitioners: 5000.

Main Area: Worldwide.

Scientific Learning Corporation
1956 Webster Street, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94612

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