Technical description The Irlen Method is a color therapy consisting of an assessment to evaluate what color would best help to eliminate a problem. Based on the results, people use specific colored overlays or filtered lengths.

Science foundation claims Colored overlays and filters can improve the brain’s ability to process visual information.

Protocol of Use An assessment takes 1 to 1/½ hours.


Professional Equipment Colored Overlays (starting at USD 6) and/or filtered lengths/glasses (starting at USD 120).

End-users Equipment No.

Home based program Available

Certification training

Training for Professionals Certification training is a 2-day session which costs USD 675. You need to hold a teaching certificate or graduate degree in education or health.

Online Training No.

Number of Professional certification levels 1.

About the company

Company’s founder and date: The Irelen Method was developed by Helen Irlen in the 1980s.

Number of Practitioners: 100.

Main Area: USA

Irlen Institute International Headquarters
Long Beach, CA 90808
State : California

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