Tackling Asperger’s Syndrome by improving focus and attention in children

By Victoria Eisenberg

We are excited to be able to check out & review Soundsory by Sound for Life Ltd for you guys today!

Soundsory is not only a headset– no, it’s not just another set of headphones that look cool. Soundsory is a sound-based intervention that gets kids and adults to process better, pay attention better, and to better their cognitive functions through a sound therapy that takes place over 40 days with as little as a few minutes a day!

There is bone conduction in the headphones help with developing sensory skills and cognitive functions.

The instructions manual is simple to use and very helpful and to the point. Which is very important when you are using a program to help with cognitive development.

When you turn it on there is a pull-down menu right on the headphone set itself. It will light up and say “Day 1.1" to show you what day and lesson of the 40-day program you are on. It also shows you the name of the song, program, etc that is going to play and the length. Which is very important when your child is wearing the headphones. I am betting mine would want to wear it all the time than say, “but I am still only doing day 1.1, it’s very long" and then I can see on the earpiece without him taking them off where he really he is at. Ha ha.

There are 2 parts to each days lesson or plan. I would say that you can do it for the entire time in one go or break it up if you need to.

What is great about this:

It doesn’t take much time to do. It’s a few minutes to 25 minutes every day.

It comes with a carry case so it’s portable and stays safe.

It is rechargeable, so no batteries (thank God) and you can have your child do it in the car, in a boat surrounded by a moat, or when you are trying to make dinner. The third option, of course, is the most feasible.

The headset charges fully within 4 hours and has a long playback time. Which is great.

It is blue tooth so you can connect to your computer and when you are not having your child use it, they can use it for the programs they do online or to listen to meditation music while they work on school.

What I really like about that is because my son who is currently homeschooling, though both my boys have it, is ADHD and their attention span isn’t the greatest. So getting work done and getting distracted is something that happens more often than not. It can be a HUGE struggle because for a child without ADHD, they can function just fine without having to be more astute to no distractions than a child with ADHD.

But even more than that, my youngest child has now been officially diagnosed with Autism, Aspergers, specifically. Although, now they do have the spectrum acknowledged in the DSM 5. Which you guys, if I am being totally honest, explains so much. Not only does he have ADHD and gets really easily distracted, but combine that with Autism and school becomes a real struggle to get done. Not because of a lack of intelligence– because my son can sit down and get things done.

Since he has the headphones, he went from being barely able to sit and focus and getting school work done to being 70% of the way done with his vocabulary… FOR THE YEAR in a few weeks. That is how important sound and focus is to these children that struggle with ADHD and Autism. They are very very bright children. But they just need that extra focus to be able to hit a home run and show that potential they have.

However, I am so grateful to have been able to try this out for my child and I think it really has shifted them in a HUGE positive way that is going to have a lasting impact. I just can’t wait to try it out on my other son who has ADHD too!

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