Does your child have balance and coordination issues? Soundsory can help!

By Pam Havens

Do you know someone struggling with Motor Delays, Balance and Coordination, on the Autism Spectrum, or have Developmental Delays, Sensory and Auditory Processing Disorder, or ADD/ADHD? 

If you answered yes to any of these issues then, Soundsory produced by Sound for Life Ltd, can help.  This music and movement program for the brain and body offers an engaging sensory experience where listening becomes an all encompassing mental awareness.  And the body begins to understand its role in how it affects the brain.

I used Soundsory with my 9-year-old who struggles with balance and coordination, as well as auditory processing.  She really ENJOYED her daily experience using the headphones and looked forward to listening to the music while playing, riding in the car, walking around the house or being outside.

It was really easy incorporating this program into our daily routine, and I liked the fact that they are transportable, which made for a smooth 25-minute car ride to horse lessons.

“I loved the way the music made my body feel, it made it come alive every time I was listening!”  – M aged 9

She did not have a set time as to using the headphones, although I recommend in the morning if possible.  The music awakens the brain and body, and stimulates the soul.

The first week we started using Soundsory was effortless, after fully charging the headphones.  She listened to Day One part 1 on Monday, and then Tuesday Day One part 2 was body movements, each day after that was repeated into split days.  There are four exercises within each part two, which take less than ten minutes to complete.

Each body movement is easy to learn and repeat, or if needed adapted.  My child had no issues learning or repeating the exercises.

We are excited to continue on with the program until Day 40!

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