Learn from one parent how Soundsory is aiding a child’s attention issues

By Emily Cade

We recently received a product to review called Soundsory by Sound for Life Ltd. This device is a multisensory program that is used to help children and adults that struggle with sensory issues, auditory processing difficulties, ADD & ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, or balance and coordination issues. The program is for ages 3 through adults, so I was excited that I could use it for both my kiddos. My oldest has always struggled with sensory issues and lately has been having a hard time focusing her attention, so I was hopeful that this would help with those things.

How we used it:

There are instructions to not chew, drive, talk, or watch a screen while completing the sessions. My girls would color, build with blocks, lay down and rest, and of course dance while listening.

Not going to lie, it was hard to carve out 30 minutes every single day for 40 days. It does make it easier since the music is already on the headphones, so you an take them with you anywhere. The hardest part about that is remembering to do the movement section. And technically, they are supposed to be done at the same time.

What we thought:

At first, my 7 year old did not enjoy her sessions. I think some of the music was too loud and fast for her liking (we had to turn the volume down to almost the lowest setting every time for her to be able to handle it). Eventually, though, she got used to it and didn’t complain as much. My 4 year old didn’t even make it through one session lol! If she asked to listen, I would let her, but I didn’t make her.

I did notice that if my 7 year old completed her session in the morning, she was more likely to be more focused during our regular school work. If we didn’t get to the session until the afternoon/evening, then it was more of a struggle and it didn’t make that much of a difference in her actions.  The headphones are actually quite comfortable, surprisingly.

Overall, there are several things I like about this product and I’m excited to keep using it and tweak it to try to get even better results.

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