Read how Soundsory is helping 14 year old Josh tackle his ADHD issues

By Betty Daley

Betty Daley, mother to 14 year old Josh who had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder tried Soundsory for her son and reviewed her and her son’s experience with the device.


Our son, who is 14, has ADHD and we have been using a natural approach to help him with any issues that may arrive.  He has some trouble focusing and it is hard to keep him in his seat most days.  Josh is a very loving and kind young man and he is willing to do whatever it takes to function well.  When I told him that we would be reviewing Soundsory from Sound For Life Ltd., he was thrilled.  He is always ready to try new things that may help him in this journey.

Soundsory is a multi-sensory program that you do at home that may help improve motor and cognitive abilities.  I have seen some great changes in our son since he started this program.

The program includes specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises. The program lasts for 40 days and only takes 30 minutes a day to complete.  You listen to music for 25 minutes and do exercises for just 5 minutes a day.  After the 40 days it is best to take 4 weeks off before going through the program again if you would like to.  Soundsory is designed to help anyone over the age of 3 with:

– Motor delays, Balance and Coordination
– Autism spectrum and Developmental delays
– Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
– ADD and ADHD

So you are probably wondering what makes this program so special.  It uses headphones, that comes with pre-programmed music, are specifically designed to send music through air and bone conduction for amazing auditory stimulation.  This stimulation can help the brain reorganize itself and make new neural connections. The music that is used for this program was chosen for its emphasized rhythm. This type of music along with the exercises, that you will get with the program, help your brain to come into better balance.  I can’t explain it as well as the Soundsory website does so I encourage you to check it out for yourself. They have so much information on there!!!

The headphones themselves are very comfortable to wear and can be used as just regular Bluetooth headphones at any time. They sound better than any other headphones we have tried. My son loves them and won’t let anyone else use them.  They come in a great carrying case as well. This case allows them to be safely taken in the car or to a friends house if needed.

I asked Josh how he liked this program and he said he feels it has helped him significantly already.  He enjoys the music and said the exercises are easy but fun. He said he does feel different.  He even made himself a time management chart this week.  He wouldn’t have ever had the motivation to do this before.  As his mom I feel he is able to focus for longer periods of time now and I do feel he is more calm as he does school.  I am looking forward to seeing more positive things happen as he completes the program. I do feel we will do it again after the suggested 4 week wait.

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