Sensory Integration Therapy At Home using Soundsory

By Heidi Miller-Ford

Homeschooling can be tough, but if you homeschool a child with special needs, it can be even more challenging. Add in weekly appointments to an occupational therapist and life gets crazy. Sound For Life Ltd has created the Soundsory headphones that makes sensory integration therapy training easier.

Our Experience

My youngest daughter, who has some mild sensory issues, is the one who used the Soundsory program. At first, she was irritated when I told her it was time to wear the headphones, but once they were on, she enjoyed them and the music had a calming effect. I would find her sitting in her bed playing with her dolls while listening, or sometimes she would listen while sitting on the swing on our back porch.

When she did the exercises for the first time, she felt silly and a little embarrassed, But then she got over it and jumped right in when it was time to do them each day.

The headphones fit her really well and seemed very comfortable. It surprised me they stayed on because headphones made for both children and adults (this program is for adults as well) don’t usually fit her. She had no problems while doing the exercises or other activities while they were on.

After using the program for a few weeks, I noticed she was more relaxed and not as bothered by sensory things like she usually is. It’s nice seeing her enjoy normal activities and not getting distressed like she can. This is a big improvement!

If you have a special needs child who goes to sensory integration therapy training, or any other therapy dealing with cognitive or motor delays, the Soundsory program is worth a try. It’s so much more convenient being able to do therapy at home. Your child will appreciate not having to leave the house each week and you will have time to prepare a healthy snack that doesn’t consist of stale goldfish or gummy worms!

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