Increased self-confidence, increased body awareness and balance and improved focus and attention

Soundsory®: a very effective tool

I have been using Soundsory since August 2018.

I first tried it on myself. I noticed it gave me more energy whilst helping me to refocus on myself. I would practice the body movement exercises with my children, which provoked a lot of laughter.

I propose it to clients who are hesitant in starting a Tomatis method as they find it difficult to free 80 minutes per day for Tomatis. Some of my clients have simply used Soundsory and have seen benefits from using it. Others continued with a Tomatis program afterwards.

I propose it also to some younger clients who have difficulties with proprioceptive awareness, in between two Tomatis listening sessions.

I recently followed a 7-day training in RMTi (rythmic movement training international), following Moïra Dempsey’s method. This encourages me even more to propose Soundsory since its exercises focus on primitive reflex integration, laterality, crossover movements.

Amongst the benefits of Soundsory that my clients have noticed, there is:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased ability to drive in reverse (for clients with dyspraxia)
  • Increased diction. Parents don’t need the child to repeat several times before understanding what he/she is saying
  • Increased body awareness and balance
  • Increased focus and attention

Soundsory is very easy to use and comfortable. The diversity of the music of the program is an additional advantage of the product.

Monique Meunier, Teacher and Tomatis practitioner in Quebec, Canada.