By the 5th day, the girl improved in her emotional reactions

As a child neurologist, I counsel children with neurological conditions in the local hospital. I have a big hope on the Soundsory Program in applying in my work with children having ADHD syndrome, speech delay, autism, children with cerebral palsy and motor tics. Working with such group of children, it is very important not only to diagnose the problem, but to make a real change to treat a child. I have chosen Soundsory, because it has a scientific based method of influence on the central nerves system. It is easy to apply in home-based settings. It is very important, because children feel safer in home-based situation and won’t resist wearing the Soundsory headset. The headphones are wireless. I have started applying Sondsory not a long period ago, but since I have already had great results with the patients: boy Mark 5 years old, has problems with balancing, riding a bike (all the time he was trying to avoid such activities), sleeping problems (difficulty to fall asleep), hyperactive behavior, difficulty to learn poems by heart. Just on the second day of using Soudsory programme he started easily to fall asleep, and made his parents happy by agreeing to wear the headphones whilst riding a scooter and by just 6th day of therapy he improved in balancing pretty well. So, we are inspired by the immediate results.

The other girl of six years old had problems with concentration in the noisy environment, hypersensitivity of skin, hypersensitivity to being among the group of children that caused disorientation and hysterics, severe motion sickness. The child improved with the motion sickness by the 5th day of therapy, in the first day it seemed to become worse after the listening program, but by the 5th day the motion sickness decreased dramatically, the girl improved in her emotional reactions by decreasing the hysterics.

I recommend Soundsory for children with :
ADHD syndrome
Emotional problems
Sleep problems (hypersomnia or insomnia)
Motion sickness
Problems with coordination, balancing, clumsiness
General speech delay, stuttering
Motor tics
Adults with depression

I recommend:
Using it at home
To have a diary of Soundsory programme to note even the small changing step by step (in general condition, emotions, speech, sleep, coordination)
To use Soundsory during riding on a swing (it calms hyperactive kids)
To use Soundsory along with drawing, or making craft, playing with PlayDoh or kinetic sand
To use Soundsory along with balancing on balancing board

I highly recommend the Soundsory Programme Headset. By small steps it can make a big difference in your life.

Anastasiia Ruducan, child neurologist in Transnistria (Moldova territory)