Almost immediately, all personal development skills went uphill – they became more communicative with other children, and anxiety decreased noticeably.

I am a speech therapist from Nur-Sultan (Astana) Kazakhstan working in a correction group. Our state-run kindergarten purchased SOUNDSORY devices and we started using it with our students.

Experience of use:
I imagine that being such a recent therapy, not many people are familiar with Soundsory. I will try to explain it using my experience, explain what the method includes, for whom it is intended, and the kind of results that can be achieved.

Seeing how other users described their experience of going through Soundsory therapy, I was very surprised and delighted …

In our correctional group of kids with different types of speech disorders and behaviors, we were lucky enough to use this method with our children. In our centre, we work with children from a young age (3 to 6 years old), as well as with fairly mature teens.

With my experience, I will try to cover Soundsory’s applications with children.


At its core, Soundsory is a way of influencing undeveloped mental functions with the help of audio material. This is similar to an ear muscles training.
Listening takes place in small groups.

One lesson lasts 30 minutes – for 40 days (of which 5 minutes are gymnastics for the body, we use specially recorded videos)


The list of indications for therapy is quite large and it is mainly intended for children with special needs. As far as I know the minimum age is 2 years, the main thing is that the child does not take off the headphones.

In general, the indications can be listed as followed:
– ZPR, ZRR, stutter
– Hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder
– Phobias and paralysis
– Autism, including autistic traits
– Tiki, stress, neurosis, aggression
– Down syndrome
– Writing disorders
– Learning problems

The main problem of our children was poor-quality speech and, accordingly, a number of systematic training was needed as an addition to speech therapy classes. In addition, the adaptation to society has provoked increased anxiety, and this method perfectly helps to reveal their own personality. In fact, the child is engaged in games or not too active and exhausting activity, but he does it with wireless headphones on him. Children drew, folded puzzles or played board games. Classical music is playing in the headphones during that time.

Results and achievements: 
Children had no negative impressions and no side effects were revealed – and it is very good.

We held classes every day for 30 minutes, 5 of them children were doing with pleasure gymnastics for the body, and already after the first days they were in a good mood and impressed.

Almost immediately, all personal development went uphill – they became more communicative with other children, and anxiety decreased noticeably. The quality of speech improved – the sounds became clearer, the correct pronunciation of difficult phonemes appeared, and complex sentences began to be made. Reading became meaningful, analysis of the read information appeared. The speed of reading also increased slightly and daily classes were a big help in this .

Sufficiently simple and at the same time very effective. It is suitable not only for kids with developmental delay or hyperactive children, but also for adults. Almost always the effect is positive and our children are no exception. I do recommend Soundsory with children ! They have a very good influence on the psyche of a child.

Aigul, Speech Therapist in Kazakhstan