Every day we see changes in managing her body and improving her motor skills, attention and speech.

As a new Tomatis® practitioner and teacher I want to help my small wonderful pupils to make progressive steps in adaptation to this life soothing the obstacles on their way. They have the same problem – unavailability to communicate verbally correctly  – caused by different disorders. And my niece Anna is one of them. Her parents were the first whom I recommended the Soundsory® program.

This girl is 5,5 years old, born with a serious brain injury in the left hemisphere and as a result suffering from right-sided hemi paresis. She’s made a great progress after 2 Tomatis® and Forbrain® intensives but I understood she needed something more. I always remembered my trainer’s (Valerie Gas) words: No body – no language. So I persuaded Anna’s mum to buy the Soundsory®. “One more set of headphones?”, she asked with a slight fear in her voice knowing how difficult is put something on her daughter’s head. So, we were very happy that for first time Anna tried the Soundsory® headphones with no tears.  And how surprised her mom was when in few minutes the girl stood up from her chair and began to dance in the headphones using her both arms and legs. For the moment she is close to the middle of the Soundsory® program but every day we see changes in managing her body and improving her motor skills, attention and speech.

We liked the Soundsory® program very much because it’s  very easy to use. All the music is already set and recorded inside. Its wireless so doesn’t tense your mobility. And, of course, it’s really helpful for people suffering from autism spectrum disorders, auditory processing disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

As for the second part of the Soundsory® program– body exercises – I would recommend parents to watch them in advance in order to show and do these exercises with children. If they are not capable to repeat you can manipulate their arms, legs etc. Very small kids can be interested in copying the exercises from puppets, teddy-bears, dolls or in role-playing games.

Iryna, Tomatis® practitioner and teacher