Parent’s view – How Soundsory is helping children cope with sensory sensitivities

By Monique Dupuis

Often children with disabilities such as Autism and ADHD can suffer from sensory sensitivities. My eldest suffered from sensitivity to lights. However, my youngest Zakari is very sensitive to sound.

For kiddos like my son, any loud noise can cause sensory overload. That is why I was thrilled to have the chance to review Sound for Life Ltd‘s product Soundsory.

What is Soundsory?

Basically Soundsory is a multi-sensory program. It consists of specifically designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises.

The program is programmed right into a set of very high quality wireless headphones. This design was very important to me because cords can be very distracting to my son and would likely be chewed on.

The headphones are very light weight and comfortable. Both my boys and myself have used them, and were very happy with their fit.

Soundsory is designed to help address:

– Motor delays, Balance and Coordination
– Autism spectrum and Developmental delays
– Sensory and Auditory processing disorders
– ADD and ADHD

Neuroplasticity? What is that?

Neuroplasticity is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as:

The ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury.

Scientists are discovering that Neuroplasticity is not just something that happens with young children, but even as adults our brains are able to create new connections and that gives us the chance to continue to learn and grow.

Soundsory takes advantage of Neuroplasticity to help kiddos like my son to become less sensitive to noises.

What Makes Soundsory Special?

Soundsory uses music and exercise to help rewire and organize the brain. While there are other programs on the market that do this, they are not as simple, easy to use and affordable.

Before we were introduced to Soundsory, other listening therapies we researched either:

– Cost 1000’s of dollars
– Required trips out of province for appointments with a specialist to rent a costly unit
– Required us to purchase expensive headphones and a subscription to an app

Soundsory is a one time cost that includes everything you need for your child to do the 40-day program. Which only requires 30 mins a day. The best part, this cost pays for the unit and allows you to use the program with as many people over the age of 3 in your family as you would like.

What does a session of Soundsory look like?

The person using the program would find a comfortable place to sit. Some people like to color, build or do something creative, but quiet during this time. My youngest prefers to sit on the couch and play with a small toy. This part takes 25 mins.

The part of the session is listened to while doing a short 5 mins exercise video. The Body Movement Exercises work on primitive reflexes to repetitive complex movement. They help focus on body awareness and coordination. These exercises are easy to adapt to your personal needs.

Because the headphones can also be synced through Bluetooth with an iPhone, we reward Zakari at the end and let him pick one of his favorite songs to listen to when his 30-minute therapy is over.

What are our thoughts?

I was very impressed with this product. As a homeschooling Mom of a special needs son, I’m always looking for affordable therapies to help my son overcome his struggles.

Zakari’s sound sensitivity has been crippling. Large crowds easily become overstimulating and can lead straight to a meltdown. The excitement of Christmas Eve and opening presents with his cousins quickly comes too loud to bear. He wants to be there sharing this experience with family, but sadly he is unable.

Both Zakari and I like this program. We plan to continue using this program in hopes that next Christmas it will be easier for him.

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