Soundsory helping improve attention issues in children!

By Jenny Underwood

When I was blessed with the opportunity to review Soundsory from Sound for Life Ltd I was incredibly excited! See, I have been praying for something like this for our youngest son. Though he has never been officially diagnosed with anything he presents several symptoms for ADD, ADHD or something similar. We have tried to not label him and instead work with him to try and help him overcome his difficulties.

What does Soundsory do exactly? 

It’s a premade music program set into a pair of high-end headphones that gives your child or you 25 minutes of musical selections each day designed to rewire the brain for optimal function. Then there is an additional 5 minutes that incorporates actions. This is designed to stimulate multiple areas of the brain at once!  You are to do it for 40 days.

What benefits can it have?  

The benefits are so numerous!  It can help speech problems, motor skills, balance issues, emotional control, concentration and more!  It can help individuals with ADD, ADHD, ASD and sensory issues!

What benefits have we seen so far?

We were supposed to get this program towards the end of August. Unfortunately, the shipping service didn’t like our rural mail addressing and we only got it 10 days ago!  So instead of 30+ days to use it we’ve had 10!  You wouldn’t expect us to show progress yet, but you’d be wrong!

We’re already seeing progress!  His speech is improving, I mean, very noticeably. He’s saying longer sentences, with more difficult words and he’s much easier to understand!  He’s also singing better!

Another huge benefit we’re already noticing is his emotional response. He gets very overwhelmed and upset easily. He is improving and much easier to calm and talk through a situation!

He actually loves this program and asks to listen to it!  It is mostly Classical (all instrumental), with some Jazz and Gospel in there (all rhythmic).  He has his favorites and begs to listen to those!

The sound quality of these is outstanding!  They are also a Bluetooth headset and you can switch them to work with any of your Bluetooth devices!

I love the fact that the program is on the headset. He often wears them as he winds down for naptime or when he is getting stressed out. Our whole family has tried them and we all really like them!

They are super easy to charge, though I’ve only had to charge them once in 10 days!  They just use a cord that comes with them. You can charge from a USB port or plug into an outlet with an adapter. All our phones and tablets use the same one, so it is so simple!

They are extremely easy to set up and use.  All you have to do is turn them on, then hit the “home” button.  Select the number day (each day has a 1 part and a 2 part, for example…1.1; 1.2) and then the song to begin with.

Why does it work?

This may sound crazy to you if you are unfamiliar with neuroplasticity, but the truth is it does work!  Music has amazing abilities to heal and organize our brains and bodies.  However, it must be the right kind of music.  Did you know that music without rhythm is actually interpreted as chaos and noise to our brains, making us even more agitated and disorganized?

The Soundsory setup is special in that it not only supplies the right music, but also supplies it to your brain through different methods (through the normal hearing and through bone conduction in your head).  It also incorporates movement to get the most benefits!

I’ve been reading that this method is so productive because it actually causes multiple areas of your child’s brain to ignite or work at the same time, creating new pathways in the brain.  This can allow your child’s brain to compensate for other areas that might be weaker!  Its truly and amazing process and system that God has designed in us!

I highly encourage you to take a serious look at this program!  It may be exactly what you’ve been praying for also!

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