After 3 weeks, I noticed that her school performance improved.

“I want to share my experience using Soundsory.  It so happened that the first child with whom I started practicing the multi-sensory program Soundsory was my daughter Sandra.  Sandra is 10 years old.  She has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Sandra listened to Soundsory every day for 1 lesson.  At the time of listening to the music, as a rule, Sandra  played with kinetic sand or Play Doh, sometimes she painted or assembled puzzles.  The child listened and sang along to the rhythm of the music.  After listening to the first part of the lesson it is very important to perform the physical exercises that are offered on their site. They are simple and easy to do.

After a week of using Soundsory, I noticed that my daughter became calmer and more balanced.  After 3 weeks, I noticed that her school performance improved.  The child became more diligent. Sandra began to complete her school assignments quicker than before.  Her teacher advised me of his observation regarding this.

Sandra completed 2 courses.  I can say that she has become more attentive and calmer.

Parents of children who come to us in Soundsory developmental classes talk about positive changes in their children’s behavior and their improving attention.

It’s very convenient that Soundsory headphones are wireless.  Children move freely around the room during the lesson.  The battery charge in the headphones lasts well.

I recommend using Soundsory both at home and in child development centers."

Volodymyr Konyk, psychologist and coach in Ukraine