Technical description – Using
the highest audio quality recording technology (high-definition sound) and
advanced neuro-acoustic techniques, TLP music has been acoustically modified to
train the brain. It strengthens neurological pathways so that the user can
improve your ability to learn, communicate, and process information.

Protocol of
Use – The program targets specific areas of brain performance, helping you to
meet your goals, sustain positive changes, and achieve optimal brain health and
functioning in as little as 15 minutes a day.

How can you use Soundsory
as a complement to this program? 
tool that can be used simultaneously and as a complement to Play Attention is
the Soundsory Music and Movement Program. Soundsory helps improve
motor and cognitive abilities in children and adults.

The main purpose of Soundsory
is to establish good foundations, from the fundamentals of sensory integration
to more complex cognitive functions. The program lasts for 40 days and
daily sessions span 30 minutes each, comprised of 
body movement exercises and listening to rhythmic music.

Learn more about
Soundsory here.