Thanks for the brilliant tool you developed

I have been working with the Tomatis Approach for more than 6 years now and was always trying to combine it with movement and somatic experience – as all these things are very much connected. At the same time a lot of my patients asked me how to continue the work at home. So I am very happy that you now combined all this in a very easy to handle multi-sensory home-based system.

As a very clear outlined program with a very good www platform support it is a pleasure to guide patients through the program. The body movement exercises for each session are a very good base and inspiration at the same time.

Kids love it a lot – immediately after they start with the program they dive totally into the world of hearing and movement. What I like most about Soundsory is that most of my clients already explore their own movements and it very easy to explore and expand together with them the world of sensory and motoric. Also, a big pleasure for me it to see is how also older people start get into movement and activate their sensory-motor skills.

I very much recommend Soundsory for kids, old people and stressed managers. This was my biggest surprise how this group of people react on the program. The multi-sensory stimulation helps them a lot to get out of their trade mile and back into a perception of the here and now. As an immediate result they are much more present and improve their ability of self-regulation. The best results to use it at home is – based on the feedback of my clients – early in the morning in nature.