Soundsory aiding children with ADD – Learn How!

By Sheila Quach

As you know Kaden has Autism and Mahala has ADD, so our days are filled with instructions being told a million times, pure confusion, anxiety and meltdowns all before we leave the breakfast table.  This has played a huge roll in how we operate our school time together.  We modify almost every program we use and always allow extra time.  Mahala has never really sought out any therapy or medication for her ADD, but Kaden has spent several years working through ABA therapy. Both kids were willing to give this next review item a try, Kaden is 12 and Mahala is 19.  We have been using Soundsory from Sound for Life Ltd.

So, what is all this I’m talking about?  I’m jazzed over here because of a little thing called neuroplasticity. Which is your brain’s process of rewiring, organizing or healing it’s self.  It used to be thought that only young children had this ability, but that has been proven untrue.  We all have the capability.  Soundsory is a multi-sensory program that consists of specifically developed music with neuro-acoustic modifications along with movement-based exercises.  With this music and specific, easy to do exercises you will be able to help rewire and organize your brain.  all you do is listen to the music for about 25 minutes, then there is a separate track each day to listen to for 5 minutes while doing a short set of exercises and stretches.  I know, sounds crazy…right?  But, I personally have seen the miracles of using therapies like EFT, brain spotting and binary music in my own personal life, so this was exciting to try.

Anyone from the age of 3 and up can use this program and should be used for 40 days (between 5-7 days/week).  After you have completed it once it can be repeated again in the future.  And since the headphones are Bluetooth adaptable when you are not using them for the program you can use them for listening to music or even to make phone calls, just switch the TF button to the Bluetooth logo. 🙂 Mahala started using it first because Kaden had ear infections.  She has completed almost the full 40 days.  Kaden, did not have such luck, more on that in a minute.  I want to stress how simple it is to use the headphones!  All you have to do is turn them on because they already contain the music in them.  You just simply turn them on and select the correct folder and listen to the music selections.  Once the music is turned on you can engage in something creative while listening or just relax.  You are advised not to use screens, drive, walk around or eat.  Now for younger kiddos you can use the included headband over your forehead to keep the headphones in place if needed. Remember, the top of the set is supposed to touch the top of the head for both air and bone conduction.

Are you wondering what kind of music it is playing out of those headphones?  Well, the music is a variety of words just familiar classical music, some jazz, a little gospel and what Mahala calls elevator music.  Honestly is like listening to regular classic instrumental music, except off and on the volume changes a bit as the program does it’s magic.  Just like listening to binary beats the music may go from ear to ear and the sound muffles in and out.  We were all very aware and comfortable with that.

So, what did we think?  Mahala loved it and is excited to go another round.  She feels that it has helped her have better mental clarity, she feels a little less scattered in her mind.  She said she sees the most improvement during the time she gets ready for work.  Being able to organize her time better to not have to be in such a rush.  Also at work talking with others she said she feels a sense of steadiness.  It’s very mild to her, so she want to do another round.  She is hopeful and I am proud of her for taking the small amount of time needed very day to possible change the outlook of her future.  Before she was always two steps behind schedule.  Always feeling rushed and out of sync, if that makes sense to you.  I see an improvement in her confidence for sure and that makes me thrilled for the next 40 days.

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