The Dynamic Filter System

Develop prediction, create confidence

Being able to correctly process sensory information is being able to predict and adapt to the constant changes of information coming from the environment. SOUNDSORY® transmits the music with sudden changes of tonal contrasts triggered by timbre and intensity. In other words, these contrasts are not placed by chance but triggered to facilitate the integration of the Rhythm of Music.

The rhythm of music teaches the brain how to process information. Indeed, processing information requires the ability to predict and anticipate information to correctly integrate and respond to it in time. If you were about to grab a cup of hot, steamy water, you would do it carefully, as your brain is naturally assessing the situation and anticipating the risk of burn and thus adapting your movement and coordination. You would not grab it in the same manner if it looked ice cold and fresh. In other words, the brain is constantly making hypotheses based on context, visual and auditory information in order to predict sensory input and output. With music, the brain is actively building a prediction on melody based on its understanding of rhythm and tempo. When its prediction is confirmed, we experience satisfaction and confidence and the brain improves its ability to stay focused and develop organizational abilities. When its prediction is not confirmed it creates confusion and disorganization. This happens when the brain does not have enough time to generate a good prediction or when the sensory input is too complex or too strange. When, it cannot trigger a sense of rhythm, music will be cognitively analyzed as noise. Think about seniors who hear heavy metal music for the very first time.

Soundsory Patented Dynamic Filter

SOUNDSORY® Patented Dynamic Filter

The dynamic filter creates sound contrasts, designed to favor this prediction. Because the music is very rhythmic with predictable variation of intensity, it is easy for the brain to anticipate those sound contrasts and creates confidence and satisfaction.

In addition, these contrasts are designed to promote the transmission of high-pitched sounds. These sounds activate the vast majority of the sensory cells that are sensitive to sound. They therefore have a strong stimulating effect on the ear and brain, retraining the ear to perceive clarity of sound and auditory processing.

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