Soundsory helps me stay focused on what I am doing. The song choices are fine, and the headphones are comfortable

By Christine Howard

Do you have kiddos that struggle with their motor and/or cognitive abilities? Maybe you have someone on the Autism spectrum or struggles with ADD/ADHD. If so, you may be interested to learn about a program called Soundsory by Sound for Life Ltd. We were recently picked to review this product, and since most of my kids struggle in these areas, I was pretty excited. Here is what we found…

How We Used This Product

Each day, the kids would take turns wearing the unit. They would put it on, make any comfort adjustments, and then go about their business. We did not realize at first that there were movements to complete during the last 5 minutes. My kids were not huge fans of the movements. My daughter has Cerebral Palsy, and could not physical do some of the movements, while my teenage sons felt a little bit silly.

I am hoping that this is not a large part of the program, as this piece was skipped quite often. Other than the kids not liking the movements, the program is very simple. I had no arguments with regard to listening to the music, and the kids actually said they like the song choices.

Our Thoughts…

Zach (age 17 – Dyslexia/ ADD)

“Soundsory helps me stay focused on what I am doing. The song choices are fine, and the headphones are comfortable. I am not a fan of the movements, but I like how it blocks everything and helps me focus.”

Ruth (age 16 – Cerebral Palsy/ Cognitive Delays)

“Soundsory is good. I like the music and listening to it”

Seth (age 13 – Sleep Issues)

What I like about Soundsory is that the music is relaxing and doesn’t have any words that can get stuck in your head. It really didn’t help me sleep any better though.”

Chris (mom)

“The jury is still out for me on Soundsory. I tried it just once to see what it was, and it was very interesting. The music is nice, and then there are weird almost like beat drop moments that don’t really fit with the song that is playing. I can only guess that this is the bone conduction piece. Other than the idea that the music is such that it does not distract you from what you are doing or get stuck in your head, I don’t see a lot of benefit yet.

With that being said, I did have difficulty getting my kids to do the movements, and per the site, some people don’t see benefits until the full 40 days are completed. Since it keeps my kids focused, this all by itself is a win in my book.”

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