Soundsory helping individuals with Cognitive and Sensory Processing Disorders

By Nicole Henke

If you have a child with a sensory or cognitive processing disorder, then you have probably heard about a great new multi-sensory program from Sound for Life Ltd, that uses MUSIC and MOVEMENT to strengthen cognitive and motor skills via headphones, with their Soundsory program, but you may not be sure that it REALLY works!

I really wasn’t sure just HOW Miss Grace would take to using the headphones. Obviously at 12, she’s into using headphones for her music and gaming, but to use them for a ‘sensory based program’? That was questionable (hello puberty, sigh)!!

I was actually quite surprised at how WELL she actually LIKED the music program! Even before doing the first exercise part, she was quite happy to do the 25 minutes each day. She says, " some of the music is more for really young kids, but overall it makes me happy and I get to draw and color, and that helps me get my day off to a better start. I just feel calmer and happier, and my brain feels ready to focus". She also really liked that the program was already on the headphones and that they were ‘super easy to use’! her only complaint was that with her thick hair, the head band was a bit tight and tended to move if she did, so she had to try to keep sitting while listening (aka no dancing). After a bit of extra stretching,we got it to relax some and she was better with it.

Now the¬†exercises were a bit hit and miss for her. She has done mind-body exercises before to ‘wake up’ her left/right brain connections, so she was familiar with those. But in the middle of our review period¬† she sprained her knee dancing, and some of the moves really aggravated it, so she had to adjust to different ones. Both of us were actually QUITE surprised about just how WELL the¬†Soundsory¬†program worked for her, in keeping her focused, with better short term memory, and calm during the day’s lessons! Even her long-term memory has really seemed to increase while using the program! She’s even seen improvement in her dancing, with picking up new steps and sequences quicker, while using the program! We’ve tried other pricey program, and they never seem to ‘stick’, she gets quickly bored and tired of them, and inevitably they seem like quite a waste of money. However, she’s almost to the end of the first round of the Soundsory program, and ready to start again, so for me, this is an unqualified success!

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