“I loved that the program just moved through automatically and provided easy to follow directions so the kids knew what to do”

By Tawnee Hinton

A few years ago we received Forbrain from Sound for Life Ltd so we were really excited to try their new Soundsory headset. I was really excited to see what it could do for my child regarding learning and concentration.

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The Soundsory Program

Soundsory incorporates music and movement into their program, making new brain connections through the brain and body. The music is very specifically chosen and has neuro-acoustic modifications. The brain works through these naturally while the child moves through the program. The sounds are transferred by bone conduction and air which stimulates the auditory system and vestibular system in the body.

In addition to music, the program includes movement-based exercises that the child does for 5 minutes each session. This part of the program trains proprioception, which is the sense that lets us know the position of our body.

Essentially, the Soudsory program can increase your child’s cognitive, motor, and emotional skills while listening to this specially designed music and participating in the movement exercises. The results should be better memory, attention, and coordination.

The Soundsory program is built into the headphones. The movement-based exercises are found on the Soundsory website and have videos to follow along with. They don’t require any equipment and are adaptable to your child’s ability.

Who Is Soundsory For?

Anyone can benefit from making new brain connections but this program was specifically created for people with:

  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Autism (or on the autism spectrum)
  • Developmental Delays
  • Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Balance and Coordination Problems
  • Motor Delays
  • Attention Issues such as ADD and ADHD

The program consists of 30 minutes a day, split into two sessions

  • 25 minute listening session
  • 5 minute listening session with accompanying exercises

What We Thought

We even got the whole family involved. Every family member tried it, which was great.

My son’s favorite thing to do each day is walking around the backyard during breaks. So…we decided to try these at breaktime on his walks. He loved it for this.

I loved that the program just moved through automatically and provided easy to follow directions so the kids knew what to do. They all thought it was great.

My older daughter liked it when relaxing in her room and my younger daughter thought it was great to be doing what every one else was doing.

I liked the music for sure!

The exercises weren’t too difficult and my son willingly participated in the program each time.

The headphones shut off automatically when the session is finished and will start on the next program when turned on again. The headphones have a 9-hour battery life, which is good and it recharges with USB that is included. The headphones also have a Bluetooth function to use them like regular headphones. The carrying case is included and is very good quality and zips closed. The headband can help with the fit of the headphones for littles or for fun like my son.

You can repeat the entire program once it has been completed; however, Sound for Life Ltd recommends that you wait at least four weeks after finishing one before starting another.

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